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The Esplanade

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

The footwear that I design and create always come from inspirations about places, people and things that hold special stories in my heart.

The inspiration behind this pair of metallic sandals comes from an iconic Singapore architecture called The Esplanade ( It is also affectionately called the "Durians" by Singaporeans due to its thorny architectural design that resemble the king of fruits.

Growing up this place holds a lot of happy memories for me. I remember driving my red Toyota SUV to watch various dance and musical performances with my girlfriends and students as such Avenue Q and Cats. I remember getting lost at the parking garage, forgetting where I parked my car and my poor friends had to walk around with me in circles late at night in search of my car so I can drive them back home. The Satay Club is located right beside The Esplanade, so it is also a gathering place where I would have hearty Singaporean food such as satay, sambal stingray and hokkein mee with my girlfriends when I return home for vacation. We would eat and talk for hours before going somewhere else to eat and drink more late into the night.

The architectural glass heels of my rainbow sandals reflect the architectural design of the building; and the vegan colorful metallic straps reminds me of the colorful times that I spent with people I love. Wearing this pair of rainbow shoes always reminds me of home and where I come from.

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