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5 easy tips to care for your shoes

If you are a shoe lover like me chances are that you have plenty of shoes in your closet. So how do you keep your shoes in the best condition so you can wear them repeatedly for years to come?

Here are the top five tried-and-tested easy ways to prolong the shelf life of your beautiful shoes.

1. Store your shoes in a cool, dry place

Shoes do not like moisture. Always store your shoes in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and high traffic areas like the doorway to prevent moisture and dust from accumulating on your shoes.

2. Keep your shoes in dust bags and shoe boxes

Clean them before storing them on shelves or bags made with breathable fabric to prevent dirt and dust. I put my shoes in their original shoe boxes or shoe bags (that come along with the shoes) especially for the footwear I do not wear often.

3. Add heel taps and rubber soles

This is something that I do whenever I buy a pair of expensive shoes - I bring the shoes to my local shoe repair shop and add heel taps and rubber soles to prevent the soles from wearing out. It might seem like a hassle in taking this extra step, but this is a tip that I highly recommend as it will ensure that your beloved shoes will carry you in great shape for years to come.

4. Use shoe trees

Use cedar shoe trees for shoes you just worn to absorb moisture and plastic shoe trees for other shoes to retain your shoe shapes for long periods of time. I use shoe trees for my husband's dress shoes and keep them in the shoe boxes so they stay in shape. I also use shoe trees during my travel so that my shoes are not squished out of shape with my other belongings in the luggage.

5. Repair, don't replace

I have some boots and shoes that I love and wear so much that they are worn-out over time. I cannot bear to throw them away because they are unique in their own way, so I bring it to my shoe repair store near my house for repair and they come back almost brand new. This prevents still wearable shoes from being thrown into the landfills thereby reducing trash.

Do you have any other great tips in taking care of your beloved shoes? Do share with us!

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