Finally my first footwear design is up for sale at!


A little story behind the creation of this pair of sneakers: I stumbled upon when I was researching for footwear online and love the concept of how potential designers can design and launch their footwear online. So I applied and was accepted as a designer. 

I want to design a versatile pair of shoes that everyone can wear comfortably everyday and shine like a warrior wherever they go in whatever they do. The message is clear - I want you to be brave and be bold to stand out from the crowd with your glitter and glamor. 


Check out my sneaker design and support me in my footwear development journey by buying a pair! This beautiful pair of glitter sneakers is designed with a lot of love and luxuriously crafted in Italy.

Use the discount code NMOGKFEMXUG at check out to get $30 off your purchase.


Thank you for your love and support.